kirsten nash

"What is important to me is not geometrical shape per se, or color per se, but to make a relationship between shape and color which feels to me like my experience. To make what feels to me like reality. "
-Anne Truitt, 1965

I have been contemplating ideas of temporality, intimacy, freedom, and happiness. These works represent the manifestation of that thought translated through material and process. Drawing, reflecting, negating, and refining, I am aiming for a raw simplicity and directness that is in the moment and remains open the possibility of new ideas. However, when the piece gets away from me, I will draw back into the paint, attempting to regain the energy inherent in the initial inspiration.
Working with traditional artists materials, while appropriating the reductive quality of American Minimal and Conceptual painting, I attempt to insert personal and quotidian references, marking lived experience. In the most successful pieces, a tension is created. The viewer is made aware of their own presence, delicately balancing the oscillation between the physicality of the material and the ephemerality of the image. For me, this feels closest to an experience of reality.